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01 5月 2018

Pan Fried Salmon Don

Ingredients for Pan Fried Salmon Don

4 x 150 grams Salmon
12 tbsp Yamasa teriyaki sauce
4 tsp Aji goma hijiki furikake
2 avocados (whole)
4 bowls of rice
4 slices of lemon/lime



1. Over a medium heated non-stick pan, fry salmon till partially cooked (about 1/3 cooked) on each side
2. Once all sides have been fried, turn salmon on each side again for second rotation of frying
3. Add in teriyaki sauce onto pan with salmon
4. Allow teriyaki sauce to simmer with salmon for 1-2 minutes
5. Remove salmon and sauce from pan onto plate
6. Cut avocados into half and proceed to slice thinly, or into cubes (as preferred)
7. Scoop rice and place in bowl, place salmon as well as avocado pieces on the side
8. Sprinkle Aji goma Hijiki Furikake on top of salmon (if prefered)
9. Place lemon on side of avocado; to be squeezed over avocado before eating

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