Kuriya Prestige Card


As a Kuriya Prestige Card Member, you enjoy access to exclusive benefits.

Earn points for every dollar spent and offset them against your next bill.

Receive special offers and access private members-only Kuriya events.

Kuriya Temporary and Prestige cards are only accepted at Kuriya Dining at Great World.


Successful applicants will receive a Temporary Card, which will automatically be upgraded to a Kuriya Prestige Card when you meet the minimum spending requirement of S$1000 at Kuriya Dining within 12 months.

You will need a minimum of 8,000 points on your Kuriya Prestige Card at any time to make redemptions at Kuriya Dining.

Kuriya Prestige

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Terms and Conditions

Use of the Card is limited to the number of points held on the Card. Your right to use the points on the Card is a limited right, subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement and applicable laws.

1. By accepting or using this Card, you agree to accept and be bound by all terms and conditions herein.
2. This Card is strictly non-transferable, and is for the sole use of the person named on the Card only.
3. Card members are responsible for ensuring the Card is kept safely and is not used by any other person other than that named on the Card.
4. Kuriya shall not be responsible for any unauthorized usage of the Card.
5. Kuriya Prestige Card must be presented before payment to enjoy all/any benefits accrued to it.
6. All benefits offered by the Card are not applicable with other prevailing special offers, promotions or vouchers, unless otherwise stated.
7. This Card is not a credit card or charge card, and will not be accepted as a mode of payment for any goods or services rendered at Kuriya restaurant.
8. You may only use your Card in the manner and for the purposes described in these terms and conditions. It may not be used for any illegal transactions.
9. This Card remains the property of Kuriya at all times. Kuriya reserves the right to amend or withdraw all or any of the benefits or privileges conferred by the use of the Card at any time, at our sole discretion.
10. Kuriya reserves the right not to approve any Card transaction, for any reason that it may deem appropriate.
11. Kuriya shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, theft or damage of the Card.
12. Lost, stolen or damaged cards shall be reported to Kuriya restaurant or at www.res.com.sg
13. An administrative fee of S$20 will be charged for the replacement of any lost, stolen or damaged Card.
14. All approved, renewed or re-issued Cards will be sent by post to your last updated address in Singapore, unless otherwise stated.
15. The Cardmember agrees that all information submitted during the application of this Card is accurate and true.
16. Kuriya reserves the right to change any terms and conditions herein, without prior notice.

Card Expiry & Termination
17. This Card is valid until 31 December of the following year (from the date application is approved), unless it is renewed.
18. Kuriya reserves the right to terminate any Card in the event of fraud, misuse, negligence or breach of any of the terms and conditions herein.
19. Upon termination or expiry, you shall not attempt to use the Card.

Card Renewal
20. The Card shall be renewed automatically in the event that you have fulfilled any one of the following conditions:
a. Accumulated spending of over S$1,000 in the 12 months preceding the Card expiry date.
b. Visited any Kuriya outlet at least once in the 6 months preceding the Card expiry date.
21. Upon renewal, the Card will be valid for another 2 years.

Points Accumulation, Redemption and Expiry
22. Every S$1 spent will earn 8 points.
23. For payment by cash, VISA, MasterCard or NETS, double points (16 points) will be accrued to every $1 spent.
24. Redemption of points starts from 8,000 points at any one time, and redemption is only valid upon presentation of the card.
25. Points earned on any visit can only be redeemed at the next visit.
26. Points available for redemption will be printed on your receipt. Alternatively, you may check your points balance by logging onto your member account at www.res.com.sg
27. Points earned within a calendar year will expire on 31 December of the following year, or upon expiry/termination of your Card, whichever is earlier.
28. The Card must be produced before payment for accumulation and redemption of points.
29. Points cannot be converted to cash or cash equivalents at any time.
30. Points that have already expired cannot be extended.


1. What are the benefits of membership?
Members get to enjoy savings by offsetting earned points against your spending. You also get the latest promotional news and invitations to private Kuriya events.

2. How do I earn points?
Points are automatically credited to your member's account when the membership card is produced during payment.

3. How much do I have to spend to earn one point?
Every S$1 spent earns you 8 points. For payment by cash, VISA, MasterCard or NETS, you get 16 points for every S$1 spent.

4. How can I redeem my points?
Simply produce your membership card during payment at the restaurant and inform the cashier that you would like to redeem your points. However, you must have a minimum of 8,000 points in your account before making each redemption.

5. Is there a minimum redemption amount?
Yes, you need to redeem a minimum of 8,000 points (equivalent to $46.50) each time.

6. Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn or redeem? There is no limit to how much points you can earn or redeem.

7. When do my points expire?
Points earned within any calendar year will expire on 31 Dec of the following year.

8. How do I track my points?
You can log on to www.res.com.sg with your customer number and password to check your point balance. Alternatively, you can refer to your latest receipt.

9. What is my customer number and password?
Your customer number is the 8-digit number starting with "000" on your card. On your first login, a password will be issued to your registered email address (provided on your application form). You may change this password on the next login.

10. How can I become a member?
Spend S$1,000 within 12 months to qualify as a Kuriya Prestige member. Apply online at www.res.com.sg and receive 1,000 bonus points. Or pick up an application form at Kuriya restaurant. Upon approval, you will receive a Temporary Membership Card in the mail.

11. What is the Temporary Membership Card?
The Temporary Membership Card allows you to accumulate points until you reach the minimum spending requirement of S$1,000 within 12 months. This is then automatically upgraded to the Kuriya Prestige Card.

12. Can I redeem points on my Temporary Membership Card?
No. Points cannot be redeemed on the Temporary Membership Card.

13. I have been upgraded to Kuriya Prestige Membership. What happens to the points accumulated on my Temporary Membership?
All points earned on the Temporary Membership will be transferred to the Kuriya Prestige Card upon upgrade. You can start redeeming these points when you accumulate a minimum of 8,000 points.

14. When does my membership expire?
Your membership expiry date is printed on your card.

15. Do I have to pay any membership subscription fees?
No. Membership is free.

16. How do I qualify for renewal?
Your Kuriya Prestige Membership will be automatically renewed if you spend $1,000 within the 12 months preceding your membership expiry OR visit any participating Kuriya restaurant at least once in the 6 months preceding your membership expiry.

17. My card is lost/stolen. How can I get a replacement card?
Please contact us by logging onto your member's account at www.res.com.sg or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

18. Will I be charged for the replacement card?
An administrative charge of S$20 (payable by cheque to RE&S Enterprises Pte Ltd) applies for each replacement card.

19. Can I use my points to pay for the replacement card?
No. This is currently not available.

20. What happens to the points on my lost/stolen card?
All unused points will be transferred to the new card.

21. After applying, how long do I have to wait to receive my card?
Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. The membership card will be sent to your last updated local mailing address.

22. Can I transfer my points to another member?
No. Points cannot be transferred between members.

23. Can two separate bills be combined such that points are allocated to one member account only? Combined receipts are not allowed for point accumulation.

24. Where can I use my card?
The Kuriya Prestige Membership and Temporary Membership cards are accepted at Kuriya Dining at Great World City only.

25. Can this card be used at other restaurants under the RE&S group e.g. Ichiban Boshi or Shimbashi Soba, or at Kuriya's overseas outlets e.g. Kuriya Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur?
No. The Kuriya Prestige Membership and Temporary Membership cards can only be used at the restaurant listed above.

26. Are points allocated for promotional menu items?
Points are allocated for all menu items, unless otherwise stated.

27. I would like to unsubscribe from the eNewsletter. How can I do so?
Please click Unsubscribe me from this contact list listed at the bottom of the eNewsletter.

28. Can family members share one card?
No. The Kuriya Prestige Card is for the sole use of each member only.

29. Who can I contact if I have other questions?
Enquiries are welcome at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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