01 Jun 18

Chilled Soba

Ingredients for Pan Fried Salmon Don

4 x 100 grams Salmon
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp togarashi
1 pkt soba Sarashina Hachiwari Soba or Shinshu Togakushi Chasoba
1 btl soba tsuyu
4 tsp wasabi furikake
1 tbsp spring onions – chopped
Salt and pepper
Wasabi paste oroshi



1. Season salmon with soy sauce, salt, pepper and togarashi
2. Sear salmon on all sides over high heat
3. Remove salmon from pan while it is still under-cooked in the centre, and set aside to let it continue to cook from existing heat
4. Cook soba noodles and let it cool
5. Place noodles in bowl, flake cooked salmon onto noodles and sprinkle wasabi furikake
6. When ready to serve, pour soba noodle sauce and mix well
7. Garnish with spring onions & wasabi paste oroshi

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