08 Apr 14

Maki Sushi

Ingredients for Sushi Rice

320g cooked Japanese rice
60g sushi rice vinegar
30g sugar
15g salt

Instructions for Sushi Rice

1. Prepare sushi vinegar by mixing rice vinegar, sugar and salt in a wooden bowl.
2. Spread the hot steamed rice into a large plate or a large bowl. While it’s hot, sprinkle the vinegar mixture over the rice and fold the rice by using rice spatula quickly.
3. Must keep the rice covered with a wet towel.

Ingredients for Maki Sushi

220g sushi rice
1/2 x 2pcs Nori (Japanese seaweed)
5g cucumber
1/2 x 1pc Kani sticks (crabsticks)



Instructions for Maki Sushi

1. Place a sheet of Nori on a bamboo rolling mat. Spread 1/2 cup sushi rice over half the sheet, and firmly press rice along the edges.
2. Arrange the cucumber and Kani sticks about 1 inch from the bottom of the rice.
3. Roll up the Maki tightly, leaving the last inch of the Nori sheet exposed. Dip your fingertips into a bowl of water and wet the last inch of the Nori.
4. Roll the bamboo mat over the Maki roll. Pinch the mat to form the Maki into an even cylinder.
5. Remove the Maki from the bamboo rolling mat and place the roll on a cutting board. Cut the Maki roll in half. Place the two pieces side by side and cut both of them in half again. Place all four pieces side by side and cut them in half again.

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