Shabu Tontei

Specialty shabu shabu restaurant featuring an assortment of pork dishes with different soup bases

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Shabu Tontei

"Shabu Shabu"… the sound of ingredients being swished and cooked in a boiling pot…



Premium, imported meats such as Japanese Kurobuta (black pork) & Japanese Wagyu come with high marbling content giving a juicy and chewy texture that sets you craving for more.


Traditional, Homely Experience

Gently stir the thinly sliced premium meat in a pot of bubbling konbu dashi (broth made with kelp) and dip it in the citrus ponzu or sesame sauce…End the meal on a lip smacking note by pouring a bowl of rice into the remaining broth to make delicious zousui (Japanese porridge).


Katsu, Katsu

Don’t miss the delicious, golden brown Katsu items, all deep-fried to tender perfection using a unique double fry method.



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